bearded brother

A Passion for Craftsmanship

A newly Found Passion Which encouraged, inspired and cultivated the intuitive designs and expectations for the future. Craftmanship is more than a passion, it is a way of living. Like a sculptor takes a lump of Marble and carves it into a statue, envisioning a masterpiece.

From the Forest to the Blades, We at Bearded Brother aim to bring all our clients a product filled with passion and a story to share for generations to come. We aspire in developing and improving on our skills, in order to ensure that we keep on delivering handcrafted pieces of furniture that are of the highest quality.

kiaat wood, corner cabinet, corner bookshelf, steel and wood bookshelf
kiaat wood, kiaat coffee table, coffee table with steel legs
kiaat jewellery stands with brass holders

The Bearded Brother can assist you in designing your own curvilinear custom made furniture look with curves to shape your comfy home or office space. 

the different types of wood we Love to Work With

From White Oak to American Ash or Pine, we can create extraordinary pieces just for you.

bearded brother

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